IRS Telephone Scam

The Revenue Service has issued a warning regarding calls received from people claiming that they work for the IRS. The caller will inform taxpayers that they owe taxes that must be paid up fast threatening loss of driver’s license, arrest or deportation if they do not comply. DO NOT give them information. The IRS will NEVER make an unsolicited call to a taxpayer but will ALWAYS contact them by mail first. If you receive such a call, tell the Treasury Inspectors at 800-366-4484. You should also tell the Federal Trade Commission by filing a consumer complaint at and noting “IRS Telephone Scam”.

New York – Driver’s License/State-Issued ID Requirement

Beginning with the 2017 filing season (tax year 2016), New York State requires one of the following items to be included with all e-field NY state individual returns. (Joint tax returns require this information for both taxpayer and spouse.)

-New York State-issued driver’s license information or New York State-issued identification information and the document number from the ID.
-Driver’s license or identification issued by a state other than New York.
-Indication that the taxpayer or spouse does not possess any form of state-issued ID.

New York State individual returns without the appropriate identification information are not eligible for e-file and, per the e-file specifications provided by the state, will not be accepted for e-file.